Quality Assurance

Beacon stays on the cutting edge of quality best practices through product validation, knowledge of industry standards, and monitoring of industry trends. Like other suppliers in the industry, our quality department performs dimensional inspections. What sets us apart is our additional in-house testing requirements focusing on product performance of every case hardened lot designed for metal applications. Beacon customers are confident that every part performs as designed because of Beacon�s relentless pursuit of quality improvement.

Four specific ASME testing requirements performed for case hardened fasteners are:

  • Drive Test : Beacon validates that the screw's material/surface hardness will make its own mating thread without excess torque or thread deformation.
  • Torsional Strength Test : Beacon ensures that the material hardness will meet or exceed minimum strength requirements.
  • Ductility Test : Beacon confirms the screw's toughness and strength to maintain the flexibility needed to accommodate any seating surface variations.
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Test : In this 24 hour test samples from every case hardened electroplated lot are under continuous torque to assure no evidence of failure. Thorough testing is performed on every lot; retained samples and test plates are available for a minimum of three years.

In addition, we can provide complete documentation traceable to our supplier's material, heat treatment, and plating process. All performance testing results, inspection reports and certifications for material and plating are available at your request at no additional cost.

Beacon is proud to be an ISO 9001:2015 registered supplier. Our expertise is in quality processes, and our record control system is specialized and meticulous. Our catalog parts are environmentally accepted, and we ensure that our suppliers comply with the latest requirements. Parts are RoHS, WEEE, REACH and California Prop 65 compliant while adhering to environmental and conflict minerals legislation.