The Beacon Advantage

Beacon delivers a competitive advantage to its customers. We listen to your feedback, and through solid customer relationships we continually strive to exceed your standards in products and services.

Quality Assurance: Our Quality Assurance and Inspection process assures you of consistent high performance in every lot. Our document control system is complete and thorough. When you need support documentation it is quickly in your hands.

99.6% On-time Delivery: We actively track your orders to ensure that parts are delivered according to your schedule. Customers receive notification in advance of rare instances of delivery interruption.

No Carton Quantity Minimums: If your requirement is less than a full carton we will gladly package to your specific needs. No carton quantity minimums means you can keep your inventory turning!

Highest Fill Rates: The items you need are on our shelves ready to ship to you today.

99.89% Shipping Accuracy: Every order goes through our six-point accuracy check before it leaves our warehouse. You can be confident in our performance because we measure it at every step.

Eliminate Incoming Inspection Costs: We thoroughly inspect each lot so that you receive our product with confidence. Visit our facility and see the process for yourself. It is all part of the Beacon Advantage.